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สินค้า:: Blast Chiller / Freezer - เครื่องแช่เยือกแข็ง Blast Chiller - Shock Freezer 10 trays multifunction by Coldline (VISION model)
รหัสสินค้า: W10F
ราคา: 0.00บาท
The VISION blast chiller can be used for blast chilling, freezing, store, prove and thawing thanks to a technology that dynamically manages temperature, ventilation intensity and humidity levels.

Blast chillers are now a common tool in pastry laboratories, but traditional models are used during the day and unused at night. With VISION, you can use the machine round the clock, recouping your investment in a very short time. You can blast chill and freeze during the day, gently thaw or prove your dough overnight, streamlining work and reducing personnel costs.

With VISION your raw materials, semi-worked products and creations are quickly, efficiently and accurately blast-chilled with cycles specifically designed for each of them. You will save time, reduce energy consumption, and soon see quality and economic benefits.

Blast Chiller/Freezer 10T GN-EN10 Trays
Version F - Plug-in air unit

Dimensions : 780×859×1545 mm
Packing dimensions : 800×830×1600 mm
Net weight : 150 kg
Blast chilling yield +90°+3°C : 45 kg
Deep-freezing yield +90°-18°C : 32 kg
Cooling capacity : 5211 W*
Standard connection : 400 V 3 N - 50 Hz
Total rate : 3345 W - 6,2 A
Cooling gas : R452a
Operation mode : Recipes, core probe and a preset time
Standard equipment : N. 10 pair of slides type L compatible GN1/1-EN60×40
Water drain
*Evap. -10°C cond. 45°C